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“Greening” My Business March 30, 2008

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So in my family recently we’ve decided to really work on living in a more environmentally friendly way – we’ll start with little steps and just keep working on it. This made me think about my new business venture – can I be a “green” entrepreneur? I sure hope so and I’m going to keep track on my blog of my efforts to run my business as green as I can. I’m happy for any tips in this regard!!

Here are my current thoughts on running green (or at least greener!)

  • recycled paper for business cards
  • I’m going to use as my webhost Greenest Host (solar based energy)
  • keep my home office as paperLESS as possible
  • walk or bike when possible (and hey I’m not commuting anymore simply by starting my home-based business instead of working my old job – it was a 45 minute commute each way)

I’ll keep working on my list (and stuff for my home since that’s also my place of business!) I’m also hoping to help educate businesses I work with so they can also do a little for the green movement.