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Virtual Paralegals for Hire, My Thoughts April 18, 2008

I loved this post over at The Great American Lawyer blog. In my career as a legal assistant/paralegal I mostly worked with lawyers who lacked innovation – they were great lawyers but it took years for them to adjust to changing technology in the law office. Most of them wouldn’t be fond of p/t employees let alone telecommuting ones!

I am glad to see in the blogging world that there are many out there who already are using virtual paralegals or law clerks though – it certainly gives hope to those of us who aspire for a home-based paralegal practice.


The Convenience Business April 13, 2008

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Loved this post so much I had to share it!

Right now one of things I’m focusing on is creating a tagline for my business – especially as I want to finish designing my business card and I think it’s important that my tagline be on my business card. The tagline is important to me as I think it will help businesses see why they should contact me and how I can help them. Gritty VA in the above post helped me with some ideas for this! I’m thinking maybe of using something like – We’re in the Business of Creating Time for Your Business. I’ll keep playing with it and looking around some more but my business goal of the week is to finalize my tagline and business card design.


Working from Home – Away from Home? April 11, 2008

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In planning out my home-based secretarial services business, I’m trying to decide right now how much time I will put in from my actual home and how often I’ll be working on the go.  I have a laptop and will be able to do my work on the go regardless, but I am also trying to decide if I need a really good smartphone or not.

In researching smartphones I realize that I would spend almost as much on a great smartphone as an inexpensive laptop.  And as fun as a smartphone might be, that’s an awful lot of money for something with such a small screen.  I think I might just get a good cellphone and save my money for a second laptop!