Specializing in Virtual Legal Assistance

Call Me What You Like May 7, 2008

As I started making plans for my business I of course thought long and hard about my business name. I chose to use “Secretarial Services” as the descriptive portion. I frequent a couple of virtual assistant message boards and this topic comes up a lot. Most on those boards seem to prefer the term “virtual assistant” but at the same time there are many threads discussing how they always seem to be explaining what a virtual assistant is. I didn’t want to waste valuable time explaining what I was, when I could spend that time explaining to potential clients how I could help them. That’s what it is about for me – helping the client grow and improve their business. Secretaries help their bosses in that way. They are behind the scenes but on the front line all at the same time – that’s what I will be to my clients – a helpful presence who makes life easier!!

I was therefore thrilled to read this post by Carol Ann Wilson about being proud to be a legal secretary. It reminded me of the virtual assistant discussions and it also reminded me of my days working in lawfirms. Our names kept changing – legal secretary, legal assistant, paralegal. And yes I know they don’t mean *exactly* the same things (depending on who you ask especially) – essentially we all worked to support the lawyers and the clients. Personally, I say call me what you prefer – as long as I get the chance to show you how I can help you and your clients!


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