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Solos Need Staff May 10, 2008

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Often, it seems many of us small business owners try to do everything for our business ourselves.  I know I’m guilty of it – I’ve been trying to design my own business cards and brochure instead of paying someone to do it right and quickly.  We think we can’t afford to pay for the services we need, but the truth is that we usually can’t afford not to pay for them.  Wasting our valuable time costs us more in the long run than appropriately delegating tasks will cost.

I read this CBA article

yesterday and while it mostly discussed how solo lawyers need to “hire” staff, the main point of the article was completely accurate.  Solo lawyers (or any solo business owner really) will be more successful if they hire appropriate help and I think a freelance secretary is definitely one of their best options.  It allows them the ability to get the assistance they need without taking on full-time staff, with all of the responsibilities that come with employing someone.  A freelancer will be responsible for themselves and will give true value for the precious money and time of the solo practitioner.

Now I think I need to go research graphic designers for those business cards…


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