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How Do Virtual Offices Work Anyway? June 1, 2008

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Christopher McKinney supplied a wonderful guest post over at Home Office Lawyer. The post provides a great explanation for one way a virtual-based office can work for a lawyer. Christopher uses a setup similar to what I’m planning on working with.

It’s funny, although understandable when you look at the sheer numbers of people and logistics involved, but it seems like a lot of sole practioners or small firms are able to work with these more advanced and portable case management systems that aren’t easily available within big law firms or government firms. At least not the ones I have worked with! When I worked with the govt only certain individuals had access to laptops, let alone the software for case management – it just wasn’t in the budget. Now that I’m on my own, I can have a great setup because I don’t need 3 levels of managerial approval – it’s all up to me!


One Response to “How Do Virtual Offices Work Anyway?”

  1. baelnerath Says:

    Yeah, that’s great. It’s also great once you realize how many internet-based tools are around that can replace your usual office tools, like virtual phone systems like gotvmail instead of a clunky PBX or even contact management things like Plaxo or other things instead of rolodexes.

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