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Name Calling and Target Practice June 16, 2008

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I just commented over at the CVAN blog on a post called So What’s in a Title? The topic is one that I’ve discussed before but I always find it interesting and yet frustrating.  So many titles for similar yet just dissimilar enough job descriptions.

It’s no wonder I’ve worked for many lawyers with no idea how much I was capable of until we’d worked together a while.  I could have had anywhere from a legal terminology class to a college degree and called myself a legal secretary, legal assistant or paralegal.  The title doesn’t matter to me, but I do value my education, experience and abilities, which is why I like the term paralegal.  But where I live the Law Society hasn’t wanted paralegals providing services directly to the public and the name paralegal therefore isn’t all positive for targeting my marketing to legal practices.  I don’t want to be their competition – I want them to be MY clients!!! I love working with lawyers and helping on a file but I’m well aware that I don’t have a law degree.

Just call me Laurie and forget the title thing altogether!!


2 Responses to “Name Calling and Target Practice”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Laurie, I here you loud and clear, and understand your frustration. Your comments are all too accurate. Unfortunately, without ‘regulated’ standardization within the profession, legal VAs will need to prove themselves time after time (or client after client, as the case may be – LOL).

    I agree that one must value their own education, experience and ability. That said, the situation does create a marketing dilemma for those who support lawyers and legal professionals – especially those with advanced capabilities gained from extensive or ongoing formal education, considerable in-house experience or some other form of ‘tangible’ qualification.

    Elizabeth Brazeau
    BCG VA – Virtual Support Services

  2. Thanks for the comment Elizabeth!

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