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Women in the Law – Women in Business June 10, 2008

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I recently read this wonderful article from Canadian Lawyer magazine about women in the law. The article featured roundtable discussion from several prominent women lawyers.

It’s interesting to me to note that the concerns facing women lawyers are indeed the concerns facing many women in business. We all have to find ways to advance our careers, we all need to find ways to maintain balance and a personal life and we all have to overcome some obstacles along the way.

I think it was particularly interesting to me as just yesterday I was really thinking about what it means, even in this wonderful modern age, to have children and a career. My husband is a wonderful man who does A LOT around the house and with our kids. Still many things have always fallen to me as the mom – making the childcare decisions and the medical appointments, attending school functions (he comes when he can get away from work, but that is not always), etc. When both parents have careers it gets so hard to juggle all the things that need to be taken care of. And like the women lawyers in the article, you realize some things are going to have to give. Usually it’s your personal time – the time you might have spent with friends or on hobbies.

I don’t know if seeing the problems can help change them – but it is a start isn’t it?


VA and Home Business Blog Carnival June 9, 2008

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Check out this week’s edition of the VA and Home Business Blog Carnival.  My post on Blawgging is one of the posts presented.

As usual, there are some other interesting posts such as Virtual Efficiency’s post titled Does Your Email Present a Professional Image and Playing it Safe Online by D. Victoria Virtual Assistance.



Blawgging June 6, 2008

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I just have to share this post about lawyers and blogging from Real Lawyers Have Blogs. I loved this post because it really addresses the heart of why I personally like to blog and why I LOVE to read blogs (especially law blogs (blawgs!)

I love how real blogging is – that it puts you right in touch with the writer in a format that often allows for discussion and expansion of the original topic. I love that many blawgs give lawyers a chance to demystify what they do and therefore make a case for how useful and beneficial their work can be. Lawyers often have a bad rap in society, but in my experiences working with lawyers I have seen that they care about their clients and they want to help them. They spent years in school and then usually many more years acquiring the experience to handle the cases and work the courtroom and they generally charge a rate that is in accordance with those years of experience and skill. Yet the average person thinks that they overcharge or underperform and why? Because the communication isn’t real when they face off lawyer vs client in a stuffy boardroom in a downtown office. Blawgging lets clients see the person in the law office – the one who works hard and worries about the outcome and who has a responsibility to the client, their staff and themselves to do the job right, even at a higher financial cost.

So keep the blawgging going – it is a wonderful tool and experience for us all.


Blog Carnival June 1, 2008

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Check out this week’s blog carnival hosted by VagabondetteVA – my post on lawyers and technological change is one of the posts featured!

There are several other great posts featured this week – my top two are:

  1. Time Thieves from Physician Entrepreneur
  2. Webmaster-1’s post titled 5 Reasons Why Blogging is Beneficial



How Do Virtual Offices Work Anyway?

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Christopher McKinney supplied a wonderful guest post over at Home Office Lawyer. The post provides a great explanation for one way a virtual-based office can work for a lawyer. Christopher uses a setup similar to what I’m planning on working with.

It’s funny, although understandable when you look at the sheer numbers of people and logistics involved, but it seems like a lot of sole practioners or small firms are able to work with these more advanced and portable case management systems that aren’t easily available within big law firms or government firms. At least not the ones I have worked with! When I worked with the govt only certain individuals had access to laptops, let alone the software for case management – it just wasn’t in the budget. Now that I’m on my own, I can have a great setup because I don’t need 3 levels of managerial approval – it’s all up to me!