Specializing in Virtual Legal Assistance

Your Questions February 5, 2008

Why hire a virtual assistant at all?

Really it’s about leveraging – making the best use of your time.  If you delegate tasks appropriately your business will function better.  Success is not only about working hard, but about working smart!  Here are some links that discuss leveraging and using virtual assistants:

10 Ways to Leverage Your Time When Running a Business

Home Office Lawyer on Leveraging Time

Virtual Lawyer’s Post on Leveraging

I’m pretty good with my computer – I don’t need an assistant, do I?

Nowadays most business owners have some familiarity with their computer, it might even be essential to how they do business.  But we all work with the same 24 hour day, and you need to spend your time on your developing your business, not on administrative tasks.  And what free time you have should definitely be spent on enjoying your life!

Why not hire an in-house assistant?

Because we save you money, time and space!


Traditional employee costs include:

  • direct wages
  • employer’s share of taxes and benefits
  • training
  • sick pay
  • vacation pay
  • equipment and furniture
  • unproductive downtime (ie coffee breaks, chit-chat, etc.)

Halo Secretarial Services is an independent contractor to your business, so you can use our services as you need them, without any of the above expenses. You simply pay our hourly rate for actual hours spent on tasks, or even a per-project flat fee.


Halo Secretarial Services can save you time in many ways including:

  • the time you spend doing administrative tasks yourself because your employee is busy or away
  • the time required to recruit and train an appropriate employee
  • idle time spent by an employee (breaks, chatting, appointments,)


Halo Secretarial works remotely, therefore there is no need for you to provide or maintain a computer, desk, or other office equipment that would be required by in-house staff.

How can you work for me when you’re not actually here?

It’s amazing how many ways we can work with businesses located all around the world! We can use software to remotely access your desktop or we can use shared online work spaces. I am available by email or phone or fax!

What is special about Halo Secretarial?

Halo Secretarial is managed by an experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneur (me!!!) We believe that with our skills, vision and sheer enjoyment of our work we can successfully provide your business with all the assistance required to help you grow and prosper!

How do I sign up?

Call or email today! We can’t wait to get started!


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