Specializing in Virtual Legal Assistance

How Much February 5, 2008

You want to know what it will cost – don’t you? You can afford it, in fact you can’t afford not to use our services! We’ll save you so much time and money overall that your business will never be the same!

We have several pricing options – there is definitely one that will suit your needs. We can work on a straight hourly rate ($30-$40 per hour depending on complexity), a retainer basis (10 hours per month or more) or a custom quote on a per project basis. You’ll get the best value for your money if you hire us on a retainer basis, as we’ll discount our hourly rates 10-20%.

Still don’t think you can afford it? Look at this comparison showing the difference between a full-time employee and Halo Secretarial Services.

Full Time Employee

$30,000 annual salary

$9,000 cost of taxes, benefits, overhead(30% of salary)

$39,000 TOTAL (plus the “cost” of non-productive time, sick days, vacation etc.)

Halo Secretarial Services

$14,400 (40 hours per month at an estimated rate of $30 per hour)

$0 (cost of taxes, benefits and overhead)

$14,400 TOTAL for time spent exactly as you require

The difference? $24,600!! That is money we are sure your business could use elsewhere!

**Halo Secretarial has a two hour minimum for most jobs and after that time will be billed in 15 minute increments, unless you have retained us on a project basis. In addition to your basic rate you may be required to pay specific disbursements such as postage and photocopying costs.


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