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VA Certification – Yes or No? June 25, 2008

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A resounding NO to this question from me! I’m of the opinion that experience in an administrative setting is the key to being successful as a VA, or at least one of the keys. Administrative experience will help you with your client’s work, but you will need some entrepreneurial skills also to help you run your business and you need to have some tech skills for the online and marketing aspects. A professional virtual assistant designation though? Not a requirement to me – maybe not a bad idea, but not a requirement.

Probably that makes this obvious but I have no official va certification, nor do I plan to obtain one in the immediate future. I do have an honors college diploma in paralegal studies and over 10 years of in-office experience so I think I’ve got the background aspect well under control.


Women in the Law – Women in Business June 10, 2008

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I recently read this wonderful article from Canadian Lawyer magazine about women in the law. The article featured roundtable discussion from several prominent women lawyers.

It’s interesting to me to note that the concerns facing women lawyers are indeed the concerns facing many women in business. We all have to find ways to advance our careers, we all need to find ways to maintain balance and a personal life and we all have to overcome some obstacles along the way.

I think it was particularly interesting to me as just yesterday I was really thinking about what it means, even in this wonderful modern age, to have children and a career. My husband is a wonderful man who does A LOT around the house and with our kids. Still many things have always fallen to me as the mom – making the childcare decisions and the medical appointments, attending school functions (he comes when he can get away from work, but that is not always), etc. When both parents have careers it gets so hard to juggle all the things that need to be taken care of. And like the women lawyers in the article, you realize some things are going to have to give. Usually it’s your personal time – the time you might have spent with friends or on hobbies.

I don’t know if seeing the problems can help change them – but it is a start isn’t it?


The Convenience Business April 13, 2008

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Loved this post so much I had to share it!

Right now one of things I’m focusing on is creating a tagline for my business – especially as I want to finish designing my business card and I think it’s important that my tagline be on my business card. The tagline is important to me as I think it will help businesses see why they should contact me and how I can help them. Gritty VA in the above post helped me with some ideas for this! I’m thinking maybe of using something like – We’re in the Business of Creating Time for Your Business. I’ll keep playing with it and looking around some more but my business goal of the week is to finalize my tagline and business card design.


Starting Up January 29, 2008

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I’m Laurie and this is my journey to starting my own, home-based secretarial business. I’ve recently given birth to my third child and I want to find a better work-life balance. I’ve been a legal assistant/paralegal for over 10 years. I began working for a solo practitioner after receiving my honours diploma in a paralegal program and then worked for a mid-sized firm and the government. I have plenty of experience and a great attitude so I’m going to enjoy making this work!

I plan to officially launch in September of this year, and I’ll spend the next few months setting up the business and  doing some networking.

I’ve already decided on my business name – Halo Secretarial Services.   The name Halo is a little play on my name and comes from my sister and mom – they used to say “Hey, Lo” as a way of shortening my name, Laurie.  So I chose my business name from that.  I also like the thought of my clients thinking of me as a helper “angel” in a way.  I’ve had a logo designed and now have to work on so much more!  I’m working on website copy and business card design.  I’ve set up a wonderful space in my home for the office (and bought a laptop so really my office is all over the house!)

I’ve also joined some online virtual assistant communities, as I believe a virtual assistant is a fairly accurate description of the job I’m creating for myself.  I plan to market locally (my city and surrounding area and also in my home province) initially, but I also am open to working virtually with clients from well, everywhere!

It’s a good start I think, and I have plenty of time to develop things before my maternity leave is up (yeah to one year leaves in Canada!)  Of course starting a business and taking care of my three boys will keep me busy – thank goodness DH is so supportive!