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Legal Assistance – Virtually Everywhere! July 9, 2008

I have just been getting my virtual legal assistance practice off the ground (in fact my website is currently under construction now that I’ve hired a web designer!!) and sometimes I have worried that lawyers won’t be comfortable hiring a virtual legal assistant. Maybe they won’t be comfortable with me being so far away or won’t be sure that I truly understand the nature of confidentiality rules and ethical practices. In my previous job they weren’t even fond of telecommuters because they felt it wasn’t protective enough of the client’s documentation. Really I think they just didn’t trust any of their employees to work without supervision.

So I was heartened to read this post over at Home Office Lawyer. Grant uses a virtual assistant, so it was no surprise that he is comfortable with the concept. Still it was good to see it so clearly set out and I LOVED the post he referred to by Stephanie Kimbro of Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC. I’d highly recommend you check out Stephanie’s post if you are at all interested in retaining a virtual legal assistant/virtual paralegal for your law practice.


Name Calling and Target Practice June 16, 2008

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I just commented over at the CVAN blog on a post called So What’s in a Title? The topic is one that I’ve discussed before but I always find it interesting and yet frustrating.  So many titles for similar yet just dissimilar enough job descriptions.

It’s no wonder I’ve worked for many lawyers with no idea how much I was capable of until we’d worked together a while.  I could have had anywhere from a legal terminology class to a college degree and called myself a legal secretary, legal assistant or paralegal.  The title doesn’t matter to me, but I do value my education, experience and abilities, which is why I like the term paralegal.  But where I live the Law Society hasn’t wanted paralegals providing services directly to the public and the name paralegal therefore isn’t all positive for targeting my marketing to legal practices.  I don’t want to be their competition – I want them to be MY clients!!! I love working with lawyers and helping on a file but I’m well aware that I don’t have a law degree.

Just call me Laurie and forget the title thing altogether!!


Virtual Paralegals for Hire, My Thoughts April 18, 2008

I loved this post over at The Great American Lawyer blog. In my career as a legal assistant/paralegal I mostly worked with lawyers who lacked innovation – they were great lawyers but it took years for them to adjust to changing technology in the law office. Most of them wouldn’t be fond of p/t employees let alone telecommuting ones!

I am glad to see in the blogging world that there are many out there who already are using virtual paralegals or law clerks though – it certainly gives hope to those of us who aspire for a home-based paralegal practice.